Proven solutions for FPSOs

As the number of remote deepwater oil fields grows, so has the requirement for Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Units (FPSOs). These floating production vessels are deployed where subsea pipelines to the mainland are not feasible or when a fixed platform is not economically viable.

Many of the new oil and gas field discoveries are in the ultra-deepwater areas off the coasts of Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico and FPSOs offer an excellent solution for these areas due to their lower investment cost.

PPG coatings are a proven solution for FPSOs

PPG is a major supplier of coatings for the FPSO market. We have an impressive track record of protecting new-build and converted FPSOs from the ravaging effects of corrosion as well as the most extreme environmental and operational challenges. Our comprehensive range of fit-for-purpose premium-quality coatings provides shipyard efficiency and extended service life as well as being environmentally compliant (biocide-free), easy to apply and virtually maintenance-free.

Solvent-free tank linings

PPG solvent-free tank linings have been in use for over 25 years protecting tank interiors against corrosion and fuels.

Passive fire protection – flexible and jet fire certified

With over 30 years of experience gained via many successful projects, PPG has protected diverse fire-proofing FPSO projects worldwide and offers the most flexible intumescent coating on the market.

Antifouling and foul release coatings – advanced foul prevention technology

PPG has a range of high-activity antifouling coatings to keep FPSOs clean for prolonged periods. These coatings are suitable for static and low-speed vessels and have been proven to perform under low-activity conditions - a critical factor for FPSOs that may be in service for many years. We also provide outstanding biocide-free foul release coatings with wide application windows, improved curing and increased sag resistance for challenging application conditions in demanding weather conditions and in critical overlap areas.

Ultra-durable finishes – reducing maintenance costs

PPG offers various ultra-durable finishes ideal for use on FPSOs that are typically located at sites where inspection and repair are not feasible.

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