Our approach

Robust coating solutions

Delivering true value for money

Our aim is the same in all the industries and environments we serve around the world: to deliver true value for money to our customers.

Customer value is embedded the PPG DNA and we successfully achieve this in our protective and marine coatings business by:

  • Understanding and anticipating our customers' needs: we undertake detailed research so we know the problems you face now and are likely to face in the future.
  • Continuous innovation and development: we create robust solutions (both products and services) that are fit for purpose and can be relied upon to do the job for which they were designed.
  • Being a reliable and trusted partner: we ensure our solutions are available where and when required, and that they always meet the relevant local and international standards.

The clarity with which we operate continues to serve us well. New customers find our approach a refreshing change from the norm as we never exaggerate the performance of our protective and marine coatings. Their proven track record of results speak for themselves. Existing customers are pleased to benefit from our extensive ongoing product development program that constantly improves their own operational outcomes.

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