Commercial buildings

Commercial Buildings

High-quality coatings protection

Investing in high-quality coatings protection for commercial buildings can not only deliver a significant return on investment but also go a long way to safeguard the health and safety of those using the building.

PPG has a wide range of coatings products that are well suited for use in commercial buildings. These advanced coatings are aesthetically appealing and designed to prevent weathering and corrosion on steel, concrete and masonry as well as provide fire protection.

Our range includes:

STEELGUARD® – Superior cellulosic fire protection

The STEELGUARD range is a complete group of intumescent coating systems for various grades of fire protection, climatic exposure conditions, and application techniques.

These market-leading coatings are specifically formulated to provide superb fire protection for civil buildings. This feature is particularly appropriate where exposed steel structures have been used as part of the design in buildings such as shopping centers, airport terminals, sports stadia and schools. STEELGUARD intumescent coatings provide the vital extra time to help people escape and also allow fire fighters to save the building itself.



PPG STEELGUARD 701 and 801 coatings are part of PPG’s leading cellulosic fire protection range. They are solvent-based reactive intumescent coatings that have been specifically developed to target 30- and 60-minute fire scenarios.

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