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Durable, protective coatings for stadiums and venues

Modern stadia, concert venues, and theme parks are an important part of the identity of many communities. The high volume and frequent usage that these assets need to endure pose their own unique set of problems when it comes to the choice of coatings used.

Flooring and staircases must have extremely durable surfaces plus steel and concrete structures must be protected from the effects of corrosion, UV radiation and general wear and tear. In addition, all areas must provide excellent aesthetics and protection in the case of a fire.

PPG has extensive international experience in the consultation, specification and implementation of protective coatings for many types of recreational assets. Our engineers have the capability to help customers from the early stages of development, guiding them through the specification process and providing continuing support right through to project completion and beyond.

PPG PSX® 700

PPG PSX® 700

PPG PSX 700 is a unique system that uses patented engineered siloxane components to deliver the excellent adhesion, toughness, corrosion- and chemical resistance of epoxy siloxane. It also delivers proven cost savings by removing the need to use a traditional mid-coat epoxy.



PPG STEELGUARD 701 and 801 coatings are part of PPG’s leading cellulosic fire protection range. They are solvent-based reactive intumescent coatings that have been specifically developed to target 30- and 60-minute fire scenarios.

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