Water / wastewater

Waste Water Facilities Protective Coating

PPG has defined systems with proven performance to support long-term asset protection and decreased maintenance cost for the following water and wastewater application areas:

  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Water storage systems
  • Potable water, storm sewer, and wastewater transmission pipelines

Choosing coating systems is one of the most critical phases of creating and maintaining a wastewater treatment facility. Due to the abrasiveness of the treatment process, the components in a facility need to be protected with a powerful and resilient barrier, as poor protection will jeopardize reliability of the facility and lead to unsafe conditions, poor quality and greater expense.

PPG is a world leader in the development and implementation of protective coating systems that are designed to cope with the harsh environment often found in wastewater facilities.

Cost-effective Quality

Our coatings are designed to adhere with less surface preparation and reduced applications; thereby maximizing protection and minimizing preparation time. Our coatings also provide facility substrates with optimal protection from acids, chemicals, abrasion and immersion, thus ensuring the quality of both the facility and of the product.

Leading Products

The PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 890 product has been used extensively in wastewater facilities worldwide to provide the easy removal of algae and lime accumulation. This two-component, silicone- based fouling release topcoat produces a slick surface to which algae and lime find it difficult to adhere. A standard water hose and soft bristle brush can then be used to remove the algae and lime, thus ensuring there is minimal operational downtime. The PPG SIGMAGLIDE 890 coating also has the added advantage of being biocide free.

The PPG NOVAGUARD® 840 product has been used to protect steel and concrete assets in wastewater treatment. This solvent-free phenolic epoxy is resistant to severe H2S, chemicals, and heavy abrasion environments.

The PPG AMERCOAT® 240* product is a surface-tolerant, direct-to-metal epoxy. This product provides a superior single-coat, high- film build and can be utilized in both immersion service and exterior protection.

* Available in certain regions as PPG SIGMACOVER® 240

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