The unrivaled universal primer with a unique track record

PPG SIGMAPRIME – one primer fits all


The PPG SIGMAPRIME range is a unique set of multipurpose anticorrosives specifically designed to suit modern shipyard building practices by simplifying and speeding up the coatings process, and providing long-term performance in service. They can be applied to almost all vessel areas, in virtually all temperatures, throughout the year.

Time savings

PPG SIGMAPRIME coatings deliver major savings due to their very short recoating time and quick-drying capacity, which means that two coats can be applied in one day.

This quick-drying and very short dry-to-handle time significantly increases the speed of block completion by up to 40% when compared to standard products.

Our PPG SIGMAPRIME range also enables the applicator to control the applied film thickness more closely, resulting in a reduction in paint consumption and increased quality for the owner. The wide application window also ensures that painting work can continue in all but extreme conditions, which helps to maintain tight building and delivery schedules.

Superior application

As the first and pre-eminent product in its field, the PPG SIGMAPRIME range has been proven to increase shipyard efficiency and provide the best possible performance to the ship owner. It has excellent adhesion and surface tolerance to all substrates generally encountered in new-build projects and is easy to apply by normal application procedures such as airless spray, brush or roller.

The PPG SIGMAPRIME range has superior anticorrosive properties and versatility, making it suitable for most vessel areas: ballast tanks, the underwater hull, and non-immersed areas such as topsides, decks, and superstructures. It is also exceptionally adaptable and can be overcoated with most other coatings, such as epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd, vinyl, chlorinated rubber and many more.

A wide application window, with short minimum and long maximum recoating intervals, confirms that the PPG SIGMAPRIME range is ideally suited to standard shipyard building schedules. It can be applied, and cures, at temperatures down to –10°C and at relative humidity of up to 90%.

Improved in-service performance


The excellent anticorrosive and anti-abrasion properties of the PPG SIGMAPRIME range, combined with an improved quality in application from the shipyard, provides improved in-service performance, therefore reducing the cost of ongoing maintenance.

In independent tests to assess abrasion resistance, the PPG SIGMAPRIME range clearly outperformed competitors’ epoxies and some competitors’ abrasion-resistant systems. The PPG SIGMAPRIME range is IMO PSPC approved.

Shipyard benefits


  • Reduced number of products
  • Simplified specification
  • Easier ordering and stock control

Efficiency improvement:

  • Increased production speed
  • Short recoating time
  • Reduced stocks
  • Improved application control
  • Wide application window
  • Less waste

Increased environmental compliance:

  • Reduced consumption/wastage
  • Supports yard solvent emission reduction

Owner onsite benefits

Quality assurance:

  • Simplified specification/inspection routine
  • Increased familiarity with coatings and systems: improved quality of application

Efficiency improvement:

  • Wide application window
  • Improved application consistency
  • Less building schedule disruption

Owner in-service benefits


  • Long-term anticorrosive protection

Efficiency improvement

  • Simplified maintenance schemes
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Reduced number of products
  • Easier ordering and stock control

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