The Customer

Diana Shipping Inc. (NYSE: DSX) is a global provider of shipping transportation services. It specializes in the ownership of dry bulk vessels. As of December 7, 2017 its fleet consists of 50 dry bulk vessels (4 Newcastlemax, 14 Capesize, 5 Post-Panamax, 5 Kamsarmax and 22 Panamax). As of the same date, the combined carrying capacity of its fleet is approximately 5.8 million dwt with a weighted average age of 8.29 years.

The organization's main objective is to manage and expand its fleet in a manner that it will be able to enhance shareholder value. It aims to achieve this by maintaining a high-quality fleet; strategically expanding the fleet size; pursuing a balance of short-term and long-term time charters; maintaining a strong balance sheet; and maintaining low-cost, highly efficient operations.

The Challenge

This project involved supplying coatings for a large newbuilding construction comprising the Newcastlemax bulk carriers San Francisco and Newport News. The specification required a range of robust and durable coatings tailored to maximize the protection required at each vessel area. The San Francisco and The Newport News are the flagships of Diana Shipping Inc. and share the same impressive specifications: 208,500 DWT, length 299.99 m; beam 50 m; cargo capacity of 225,000 m3; gross tonnage 107,000; 14.3 knots ABT.

The Customer

Diana Shipping Inc.

The Location

Jiangnan Shipyard (Co) Ltd., China

The Challenge

To provide a range of highly durable protective coatings for long time protection on areas subject to a variety of aggressive conditions.

The Solution

The PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE DX antifouling for the underwater hull; PPG SIGMACOVER™ 380 for the water ballast tanks; PPG SIGMASHIELD™ 420 system for the cargo holds.

The Benefits

PPG coatings delivered excellent fouling protection and fuel savings; outstanding protection and proven results for water ballast tanks; and long-lasting protection of the cargo holds due to their exceptional resistance against corrosion, abrasion and impact.

The Result

The coatings produced hardwearing, smooth surfaces ideally suited to protect the most demanding areas and tailored to meet the requirements for long time anti-corrosion, heavy impact and abrasion resistant.

The Solution

PPG's protective and marine coatings business has a close working relationship with Diana Shipping Inc. that has developed over many years. This trust and respect led to PPG being chosen to supply the coatings for their Newcastlemax New building project, which was testament to the quality and performance of its products, staff and services.

Following a detailed appraisal of the new-building specification, PPG proposed the following main products for both vessels:

  • PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE DX antifouling for the underwater hull
  • PPG SIGMACOVER 380 primer for the water ballast tanks
  • PPG SIGMASHIELD 420 coating for the cargo holds

The Benefits

PPG's integrated coating proposal combined a number of key benefits for both vessels:

The PPG SIGMACOVER 380 multipurpose anticorrosive epoxy primer gives highly durable, long-term protection for water ballast tanks and is also suitable for use on many vessel areas. The primer is specifically designed to meet to the most demanding operation requirements for long time protection in the water ballast tanks.

Key benefits PPG SIGMACOVER 380:

  • Outstanding anticorrosive properties and water resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for immersion service (ballast tanks, outside shell)

The PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE DX antifouling is based on an organic hydrolysable polymer binder and designed specifically for a broad range of vessel activities.


  • Ultra low friction, linear self-polishing antifouling based on organic hydrolysable polymer binder, designed for broad operational ranges
  • Fuel savings averaging 5%
  • High idle time tolerance

The PPG SIGMASHIELD 420 system is designed for the highest needs of anti-abrasion protection in the cargo holds of all types of bulk carriers.

Key benefits PPG SIGMASHIELD 420:

  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance - ideal for hard angular cargoes
  • High level of resistance high TG temperature of self heating cargoes
  • High flexibility. Excellent solution for all cargo needs
  • Easy to clean

The Result

PPG is a market-leading supplier of high-performance, heavy-duty coating systems, ideally suited for providing maximum and long term performance after new-building application. Its technical expertise, industry knowledge and understanding of the customer’s needs proved to be of vital importance to ensure that the vessels would benefit from the optimal protection provided by PPG's coatings.

The combination of the coatings applied on the San Francisco and Newport News produced hardwearing, smooth surfaces ideally suited to those areas that are subject to heavy impact and abrasion from a variety of destructive cargoes and traffic. The antifouling used for the underwater hull will deliver excellent fouling protection and fuel savings.

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