Sea stock

Sea Stock

Ensuring a more productive, longer lifetime for your vessel

The key to effective maintenance at sea is to use coatings that are easy to apply and still perform well in harsh conditions.

Maintenance at sea is typically carried out by crew members while the ship is sailing, making it the most cost-effective type of maintenance.

In addition to the PPG product range, we also provide SIGMACARE® – a full-service package and training support system to assist crew members with their maintenance tasks while at sea, enabling ship operators to focus on their core business.

All our high-quality sea stock products are easy to use and ensure a more productive, longer lifetime for your vessel.

Our dense network of stock points, spread across all continents, ensures quick deliveries and reliable local product distribution, wherever your vessel is located.

Technical support

Technical support

Our FTS (Global Field Technical Services) representatives are based around the world, enabling us to provide onsite support wherever your project is located.

Onboard maintenance

Onboard maintenance

PPG was the first to offer an online shipboard maintenance tool for its paints and coatings. We have continued to refine the product since its launch in 2011 and there are currently over 2,000 vessels using the tool. The latest version of PPG SIGMACARE PLUS also features ‘offline’ functionality, specially developed to accommodate vessels with limited internet access at sea.



The PPG SIGMADUR ONE product is a user-friendly and durable urethane polyester finish coat suitable for topsides, decks and superstructures, and can be applied on virtually all ship types during onboard maintenance.

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