PPG at World Gar & LNG Conference World Gas & LNG Conference 2019

PPG will attend the 4th World Gas & LNG Conference in Moscow at the end of October. This is an important annual gathering to explore gas and LNG industry development in Russia. The conference also covers global trends in the industry and brings together stakeholders from across the industry to discuss PPG are a series sponsor and exhibitor at the event.

PPG is dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of coatings and fire protection solutions that meet the challenging needs of the oil, gas and chemical processing industries. Our vast knowledge and experience of this field allows us to offer a truly world class and comprehensive protective coatings range featuring outstanding tanklinings, zinc-rich primers, general-purpose epoxy primers and durable finishes.

We will be showcasing PPG PITT-CHAR NX, our next generation flexible passive fire protection with Peter Scott, Business Development Manager Hydrocarbon PFP, giving a presentation on this impressive coating system. This flexible epoxy intumescent coating system is designed to resist the most severe hydrocarbon hazards - pool fires, jet fires and explosions - in both onshore and offshore environments within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Visit our team at to learn more about our advanced coating solutions, specifically engineered for the harsh environmental demands of this industry.

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