PPG PITT-CHAR® XP: Sasol Chemicals USA - Lake Charles Chemical Project (LCCP)

PPG PITT-CHAR® XP system improves protection for modular projects

The Customer

Sasol Chemicals Lake Charles Chemical Complex is constructing a world-class petrochemical complex adjacent to its Lake Charles Chemical Complex. The Lake Charles Chemicals Project (LCCP) consists of a 1.5-million-ton-per-year ethane cracker and six downstream chemical units. The project will enable Sasol to build on its strong position in a robust and growing chemical market.

Fluor, in a joint venture with Technip, has been in charge of the design, procurement and construction of the LCCP project since 2013. We painted the modular components in four separate packages in China and the USA.

The Challenge

Sasol is a mega project that uses modular- and stick built fabrication. The modules were fabricated in China and the USA. The project needed a supplier with a global supply chain and technical support capability to ensure its execution.

Additionally, the packages fabricated in China required cross-continent transportation and handling. A coating system able to withstand long-distance transportation and handling to minimize cracking was one of the key criteria for the project's success. A system that was not resilient enough would mean subsequent fixing on-site resulting in added costs and an extended project schedule.

Robust products, cross-border project coordination, product availability, and on-site technical support were critical to ensure that the project progressed smoothly to meet its timeline.

The Solution

The PPG PITT-CHAR XP system, a patented, twocomponent, 100% solids flexible epoxy intumescent coating, was chosen for the Sasol project. Apart from its fireproofing and corrosion-resistant properties, the system ensures enhanced resistance to cracking, which makes it suitable for modular construction and cross-continent transportation. PPG provides consistent products, project coordination, product training, and on-site technical support on a global basis to support customers in both the USA and China.

The Benefits

Since 1983, our PPG PITT-CHAR XP system has been proven on hundreds of projects throughout the world in onshore and offshore industries. The system is highly durable and provides effective, long lasting fire protection. Thanks to its unique flexibility characteristic, with proper package, it improves the protection for modular projects that have the potential risk for cracks and damage due to cross-continent transportation and handling. The coating also offers superior performance for vibrating and flexing structures when in service.


Sasol Chemicals USA LLC


Fluor and Technip Joint Venture


Yanda Haimen, China (Modular fabrication)
Guangzhou USSL, China (Stick built)
AFCO Steel, Texas, USA


Lake Charles, Louisiana


To manage a modular fabrication and a stick built project requiring cross-continent shipping and handling over galvanized steel. To provide global project support for customers in the USA and China.


PPG SIGMACOVER 280 epoxy primer
PPG PITT-CHAR® XP intumescent epoxy coating
PPG SIGMADUR 550 polyurethane finish

PPG PITT-CHAR XP intumescent epoxy coating


Our robust coating systems are ideal for modular or stick built projects. The PPG PITT-CHAR XP system's unique flexibility is especially ideal for cross-continent transportation and handling to minimize cracking. Our global operation is able to support projects in various countries.


Our flexible passive fire protection (PFP) coating system ensured that the modules could withstand transport by sea, rail or road to minimize cracking. Global project engineering and field technical support enabled the painting to meet project requirements.

The Result

Sasol Chemicals

Our PPG PITT-CHAR XP system is designed to save lives and protect assets in the event of hydrocarbon hazards such as an explosion, impact, fire, or cryogenic spill.

The system was ideally suited to this type of multi-location project as its unique flexibility minimized the risk of damage due to long-distance handling and transportation.

Allied to the product’s excellent performance, our professional technical services also provided professional consultation, training and on-site technical support, which ensured that the customers' painting crews were fully prepared and familiar with the product to achieve maximum efficiency.

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