Nuclear power


Leading technology for nuclear power

Nuclear power provides a substantial share of world electricity with the generation III+ nuclear reactor design heralding a new era of rapid global expansion.

As experts in coating technology for nuclear power plants, PPG works closely with the world’s leading reactor designers and engineering firms to develop the fit-for-purpose solutions that meet existing and future demands of this evolving industry. Of the 440 nuclear reactors that produce electricity around the world, 250 contain PPG coatings – that is more than 60% of all reactors in operation today.

Meeting the challenges of an expanding industry

Due to increasing energy needs, technological advancements and the need for reduction of CO2 release, new nuclear power plants are being planned or built throughout the world. The nuclear industry is therefore facing an enormous task to fulfil the global demand for new installations while conducting plant upgrades and plant life extension programs for reactors already in operation.

Coatings are vital to maintaining the functionality and operational reliability of all nuclear reactors and must meet the highest standards to withstand sudden changes in exposure conditions. Protective coatings applied within this industry must also be resistant to drastic thermal impact and radiation, and withstand loss of primary coolant accidents and decontamination processes.

Expertise and innovation

We are among the pioneers in the nuclear industry, providing innovative coatings that have greatly contributed to the successful use of nuclear reactors worldwide. Our products have been applied in reactor designs for many decades proving their reliability throughout the service life of these assets. We supply products approved on specifications for all major reactor designs, and for zones and applications within the plant environment.

By implementing all Nuclear Quality Assurance requirements and Product Quality Control procedures, we are able to guarantee consistent product performance.

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