Wind power


Meeting the challenge of the wind power industry

Wind turbines have become increasingly noticeable landmarks in many countries around the world, generating renewable energy to feed the rising global demand for electricity.

The goal to deliver the lowest operating costs for utilities and independent power producers drives both constant innovation in wind technology and the standardization of components and equipment.

PPG provides durable coatings that protect and help extend the operational life of onshore and offshore wind turbine installations, including towers and foundations, turbine components blades, and other equipment.

Designed to meet the highest standards, our protective coatings are fit-for-purpose and proven to withstand a wide variety of challenging weather conditions, such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation and chemical pollution.


Expertise and Innovation

As the wind industry enters the next industrial phase, it will need to scale-up production capabilities to deliver a reduction in build costs and ensure return on investment.

To meet these commercial issues, our technical experts, supported by continuous research and development into innovative products, will be able to create the optimal coatings that will meet the future demands of the evolving wind industry.

A commitment to sustainable responsibility

The wind industry has grown quickly from an environmental consciousness and aims to contribute to transform the global energy supply structure towards a truly sustainable energy future based on non-polluting and renewable technologies.

We are proud to be at the forefront of environmentally preferable practices in all areas of the organization. Our blueprint for the future is to design, build and operate our facilities in ways that prevent harm to public health and the environment, and also conserve energy, water and raw materials.

PPG PSX® 700

PPG PSX® 700

The PPG PSX range meets both the commercial and protection demands of the growing wind energy sector by providing unique, user-friendly coatings with proven long-term durability in service. Our patented PPG PSX 700 polysiloxane is featured in the external coating system and offers a major improvement in durability and aesthetics for aggressive exposure conditions.



The PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 coating is engineered and formulated to resist corrosion in a wide range of industries and applications. As it can be rapidly immersed and continues to cure after seawater immersion, it is ideally suited for structures exposed to tidal movement and surges, and for offshore splash zones, such as those encountered in offshore power projects.



The growing trend to develop significantly larger wind farms much further offshore brings new challenges to protect the splash zones and foundations of wind turbines in hostile, deep-sea environments. The PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating meets this demand and by providing resilient long-term protection to offshore installations.

PPG SIGMASHIELD™ 880: ZPMC Wind Structures, Nantong, China

PPG SIGMASHIELD™ 880: ZPMC Wind Structures, Nantong, China

Applicators applied the PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 GF coating using airless equipment at a thickness of 400 microns (16 mils). A second coat of SIGMASHIELD 880 GF coating was applied in the same manner at a thickness of 350 microns (14 mils).

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