Product Description

Overspray Remover: An easy-to-use product designed to remove overspray, tar, and road marking paint from a painted surface without damaging the underlying paint. Also effective when removing fresh graffiti from painted surfaces.

Product Characteristics

  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Will not damage Plexiglas or Lexan
  • No caustic chemicals
  • Contains no methylene chloride
  • Water-based, non-flammable, biodegradable
  • Non-ozone-depleting, low odor
  • Contains no TAPs or HAPs (Toxic / Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Flash Point: 203°F (95°C)
  • Freezing point: 32°F (0°C)
  • Boiling Point: >212°F (100°C)
  • pH: N/A
  • Coverage: 200 to 300 sq. ft. / gal. (theoretical)
  • Recommended uses:
  • Removal of overspray from vehicles and spray booth lighting fixtures
  • Removal of fresh aerosol paint from exterior painted surfaces (vehicles, bridges, brick)
  • General overspray, bugs, wax, grease, tar, pen, lipstick, crayon, and felt marker removal
  • Scuff marks on walls and floors
  • Printing ink on rollers, walls, etc.
  • Adhesive tape residue
  • Bus shelters made of Plexiglas

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