Extended fouling control for deep sea vessels

PPG SIGMA ECOFLEET coating is an economical and versatile solution that delivers extended fouling control on the underwater hulls of medium to high activity vessels.

Effective antifouling for up to 60 months – lower maintenance costs

If you are looking for improved profitability and reduced maintenance costs, a key advantage of PPG SIGMA ECOFLEET 270 is that it provides reliable fouling control for long periods – up to 36 months for vertical sides, flat bottoms and boottops and up to 60 months for flat bottoms and boot tops. PPG SIGMA ECOFLEET 270 provides controlled biocide release and surface regeneration through polishing.

Maximum performance – minimal environmental impact

Like all other coatings within this range, PPG SIGMA ECOFLEET 270 is formulated to deliver maximum performance with minimal environmental impact, and fully complies with the IMO AFS Convention. It also holds approvals rom Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Korean Register of Shipping, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


  • Robust, self-polishing antifouling
  • Designed for medium to high activity vessels
  • Suitable for application at dry dock
  • 66% volume-solids supports high-build application


  • Extremely versatile – suitable for various type of vessels
  • Extended fouling control periods of up to 60 months – reduces maintenance costs
  • Economical antifouling – competitive costs per square meter, improved profitability
  • Easy application and recoating – saves time and increases productivity
  • Consistent polishing speed supports varying operational profiles
  • Established track record – reliable and proven performance on a wide range of vessel types
  • Complies with IMO ASF Convention