Breakthrough technology eliminates slime problems and boosts fuel saving

PPG SIGMAGLIDE fouling release – proven performance for over 20 years

Based on a 100% pure silicone binder system, the SIGMAGLIDE 1290 product utilizes a breakthrough dynamic surface regeneration technology to eliminate slime problems and dramatically increase fuel savings throughout service when compared to traditional fouling release products.

Through careful chemical engineering of the 100% pure silicone binder system at molecular level, PPG's R&D team has been able to design the optimal configuration for the silicone coating surface. This results in significantly increased silicone density that slime organisms do not perceive as a substrate and display no propensity to settle on it, thus significantly extending the effectiveness of the coating.


The PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 product builds on the already proven successes of the PPG SIGMAGLIDE fouling release range, which has been utilized on over 400 vessels worldwide, including many cruise liners.

As fouling does not adhere, even at lower speed, the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release is beneficial for the offshore industry where assets are static, e.g., FPSOs, or for vessels that are slow steaming and yet still require a high level of fouling protection. Ferries, tankers, bulkers, gas carriers, container ships and dredgers will all benefit from the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release coating, as will the cruise industry.

PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 – proven technology

The effect of the 100% pure silicone binder with higher silicone density at the surface and the regeneration properties in the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release have been proven in-house and by third-party test institutes.


Static raft testing

Static raft testing has been performed in California by a world-leading, US-based university. This clearly shows that the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 coating still has a very clean surface after 9 months of raft exposure, proving the effectiveness of the 100% pure silicone binder when compared to the traditional fouling release systems that were exposed to exactly the same conditions. The tests also showed that the panels coated with the traditional release began to pick up fouling after 9 months' static raft exposure.

Self-cleaning dynamic simulation test

A self-cleaning dynamic simulation test has been performed at a Dutch research institute, Endures B.V. (a TNO company), to illustrate how the high-silicone density at the surface translates into effectiveness of slime resistance and release. It shows that the 100% pure silicone binder ensures that the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release coating gets back to its clean initial state at low speeds while the traditional fouling release collects slime fouling.

Regeneration test

In-house testing also proved that surface regeneration works as the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release coating returned after exposure to its original surface properties, therefore having no loss in performance. Traditional fouling release products showed that the surface is irreversibly affected resulting in a loss of performance.