Premium, instant low-friction copper-free antifouling delivers superior performance

The innovative PPG SIGMA NEXEON™ 710 coating delivers carbon savings (up to 30%), rapid degradation of biocides and potential energy savings right from launch. Based around a unique, self-polishing binder technology, the copper-free antifouling coating has been specifically designed to provide excellent protection against fouling for all types of vessels.

PPG SIGMA NEXEON 710 delivers:

1. Immediate energy savings

A smoother, instant low-friction hull that delivers energy savings right from the outset

Vessels coated with the PPG SIGMA NEXEON 710 system are smoother from the start; consequently, energy savings are possible from lower hull friction as soon as the vessel is launched. Test results for our antifouling confirm that the ultra-low friction action produces up to 15% power reduction and 1.0–1.5% speed loss performance.*

*Subject to conditions as specified in a performance guarantee to be issued by PPG.

2. Excellent aesthetics

'As new' visual appearance for extended periods

Owners and operators want to ensure that their fleet looks pristine for as long as possible. The system's excellent color retention and weather resistance provides confidence that a vessel's "as new" look will be retained for the entire service life of the vessel.

3. Proven performance and maximum flexibility

Proven performance for a range of vessel types

The outstanding track record of our PPG SIGMA NEXEON 710 product proves the effectiveness of this antifouling. The system is designed to provide maximum flexibility without compromising on quality or performance and is suitable for a broad range of vessel types and activity levels.

Features and benefits of PPG SIGMA NEXEON 710

  • Copper-free self-polishing antifouling – superior antifouling performance
  • Smoother film surface right from the start – energy saving potential straight from launch
  • Instant performance – up to 15% power reduction and 1.0–1.5% speed loss performance
  • Environmentally future-proofed- copper-free, rapid degradation of biocides delivers up to 30% carbon reduction
  • Excellent color retention and weather resistance – maintains 'as new' cosmetic appearance for entire vessel service life
  • Maximum flexibility – suitable for all types of vessels
  • Proven performance – building on the outstanding track record of PPG SIGMA NEXEON products