An innovative one-component water-based topcoat and primer for interior accommodation, machinery spaces and engine rooms.

The PPG AQUACOVER ONE system meets the demanding requirements of maintenance at sea, providing reliable protection in both coastal and industrial atmospheric conditions and excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting adhesion to steel.

The PPG AQUACOVER range of waterborne protective coatings have been developed to meet the increasing demand for crew health and environmentally sustainable products. That means PPG AQUACOVER ONE is ideal for interior accommodation, machinery spaces and engine rooms where pretreatment is limited, the local environment is sensitive, and the paint application needs to be quick and simple.

Greater Efficiency & Improved Environmental Safety

With greater emphasis made on operating efficiency and costs, the PPG AQUACOVER ONE system saves time and money throughout the painting process all while being environmentally advantaged.

  • Single-component coatings result in less stock complexity
  • Simple paint locker management and fewer cans taking up limited space
  • Quicker pretreatment of the surface area
  • Easy application
  • Low odor

During maintenance at sea, the actual condition of the surface area is unpredictable and very often difficult to prepare. The PPG AQUACOVER ONE 625 primer and AQUACOVER ONE 645 topcoat are the ideal products to overcome these challenging conditions by applying this one-component, waterborne primer and finish coat.


  • One-component topcoat – drives cost savings through time savings (no mixing), waste reduction, fewer errors, less stock in paint locker
  • Water-based – low odor and better for the crew and environment
  • Ultra-low VOC emissions - reduced fire and ignition risk
  • Fast drying – quicker return to use
  • Unlimited overcoating interval – reduced surface preparation requirements
  • Easy to apply – better efficiency
  • Compatible with existing paint schemes - reduced surface preparation requirements
  • Engine room direct to metal application* – saves time, less stock in paint locker (*Recommended as a two-coat system in engine rooms)


  • One-component water-based primer
  • Excellent adhesion properties - can be applied to various types of old and weathered coatings
  • Good adhesion to steel
  • Good anticorrosive properties
  • Fast-drying and recoatable