Unique onboard management system

PPG was the first to offer an online shipboard maintenance tool for its paints and coatings. We have continued to refine the service since its launch in 2011 and there are currently over 3,000 vessels using the tool.

The latest version of PPG SIGMACARE PLUS also features 'offline' functionality, specially developed to accommodate vessels with limited internet access at sea.

Easier onboard maintenance

PPG SIGMACARE PLUS was specifically designed to simplify onboard coatings management for individual vessels and large fleets. This innovative system enables owners, vessel managers and crew members to organize coatings management quickly and efficiently, thereby eliminating the complications associated with onboard maintenance.

Instant, tailored maintenance charts

PPG SIGMACARE PLUS includes a revolutionary inventory control and product ordering system, allowing users to place stock inquiries while the vessel is at sea.

The system is extremely versatile whatever type of maintenance the vessel requires and allows for the inclusion of new-building specifications and dry docking reports to streamline product delivery and service.

Users have a complete list of PPG products, where they are available worldwide, and can easily create tailored maintenance charts for specific vessels, which can be printed and used as an easy-to-follow point of reference in the vessel’s paint locker.

Benefits for you, the customer

The PPG SIGMACARE PLUS system means that you can benefit from streamlined product delivery and service. Orders can be controlled more effectively and placed while at sea, if required, with a dynamic map showing which ports and products are available in real time.

The paint inventory and the paint locker become better organized and the crew also work more safely because they can watch training videos on coatings application.

Since its launch, PPG SIGMACARE PLUS has received consistently positive feedback from users. Crew members, in particular, report that it is easy to work with, finding the maintenance charts a great benefit in ensuring that they work with the correct products in the right vessel areas.

Simply more efficient

PPG SIGMACARE PLUS is all about taking away the complexity in managing all coating-related activities for a fleet. We believe that the simpler and clearer something is, the better it will work – and it does!