Safer, greener, solvent-free epoxy with excellent chemical resistance

Our versatile coating is easy to apply, environmentally friendly, offers improved health and safety and provides outstanding protection for petrochemical storage.

Suitable for a wide range of uses

This coating is versatile, resistant to a number of products and works well in a range of settings. It is as effective for new construction projects as it is for repairs and restorations and is proven to work well alongside crude oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon, refined petroleum products, heavy fuel oil, unleaded gasoline, xylene and higher aromatics, oxygenated fuel and caustic soda.

Our coatings can also be reinforced with chopped glass fiber or glass mat to repair pitted tank bottoms during major refurbishments of aged tanks.

Delivers long-term efficiencies and cost-savings

PPG NOVAGUARD 840 has been created to deliver cost-savings during application and for the full life of the product.

A one or two coat application, the smooth, glossy finish and light color reduces cleaning time and greatly assists inspection. The excellent chemical resistance maximizes storage options, while the pit-filling capability and resistance to shrinkage reduces the cost of tank bottom repairs.

An all-round high-build, simple system which improves productivity, PPG NOVAGUARD 840 makes efficient use of resources and reduces costs.

Product qualifications

PPG NOVAGUARD 840 is compliant with EI 1541 performance requirements for protective coating systems used in aviation fuel storage tanks and piping. For a detailed chemical resistance list, use the TankSelect tool at

Outstanding chemical resistance

PPG NOVAGUARD 840 is a solvent-free novolac epoxy tank lining for petrochemical storage. It is easy to apply and maintain while providing excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, and refined fuels.

One or two coats are all that is required for any new build or restoration project. In addition to a great-looking, sleek surface which makes inspections easier, it boosts workplace health and safety credentials. Better still, it’s kind to the environment and versatile, as it mixes well with chopped glass fiber or glass mat to aid repairs of old tanks.

Easy to apply

All our products are designed to work hard at protecting your equipment so you get peace of mind.

Our coatings can be applied with one or two coats using heavy duty single-feed airless equipment (60:1), or roller application for stripe coating.

For simplicity, PPG NOVAGUARD 840 can be applied either directly onto steel or over an approved primer with a dry-film thickness as low as 300 microns (12 mils) per coat. With such a simple system, you’ll benefit from short implementation times and low risk of accident, which help reduce overall project costs.

Improved health and safety

Safety is a key issue in the tank coating and pipe lining industry, and by design our products reduce fire hazards and the risk of explosion.

Free of solvents, our coatings improve air quality and enhance working conditions. Applicators also benefit from a healthier, safer and a more environmentally friendly workplace.