Corrosion affects every industry ever created since any form of business was established. It is timeless in that it has always existed and will always exist in that there is no permanent solution to its eradication.

The topic of corrosion gives rise to concerns over safety, equipment failure, maintenance costs, asset loss, and the effect of appearance on business.

Corrosion affects, directly or indirectly, every department within industrial business such as executive management, production, marketing, distribution, sales, and service. Positions in industry affected by corrosions could include engineers, specifiers, project managers, estimators, maintenance employees, and applicators.


One of the most prominent solutions for managing corrosion involves a protective coating system. As a result, the protective and marine coatings industry touches all aspects of almost every industry in the world.

When a group of students at a corrosion conference were asked if they could look around them and find one thing nearby that had a coating on it, all of them easily found a surface with a coating on it. The idea that was brought to light is that most objects that we see around us have a coating on them.

"Corrosion School" was created to educate and equip those with a vested interest in abating corrosion with valuable knowledge towards becoming better professionals and making better and more informed decisions that affect costs and difficulties in dealing with corrosion.

What is "Corrosion School"?

Corrosion school is a comprehensive two day class designed to train specifiers, engineers, estimators, and end-users on various generic topics important to the protective and marine coatings industry.

The Corrosion School curricula covers material that is important to understand to make better decisions and choices in coatings related to industry and reinforces the material with hands-on demonstrations.

What is the purpose of "Corrosion School"?

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings’ vision is to focus on our customer in everything we do to become the leading global protective and marine coatings supplier.

Corrosion School is a means to establish PPG PMC as the leader in corrosion prevention, and to build industry knowledge and goodwill among customers and industry leaders.

What is the structure of “Corrosion School”?

This two day class involves a combination of short, informative lecture segments followed by interactive exercises designed to reinforce the information given. Questions as well as informative comments about a particular topic are highly encouraged as they are valuable to everyone involved in the class.

Both days in the classroom involve four separate topics and three active participation segments per day. The program starts with the all-encompassing topic of "Corrosion" where the focus is on basics, steel, contributing elements, effects of coatings, and case examples of corrosion catastrophes. The remaining seven topics serve to build on the corrosion topic by revealing information on the most important procedures and principles that directly and indirectly affect corrosion abatement.

Check out this short video on our PPG Corrosion School to learn more about our 2 day course. To get more information on upcoming PPG Corrosion Schools please contact Gilles Masse at