PPG AIM is an innovative solution that takes the guesswork out of asset maintenance

AIM for predictability

Forecast the future condition of your protective coatings using our dynamic, data-driven model.

PPG AIM was built using proprietary algorithms developed from NACE 509* and ISO® 12944 standards for expected service life of protective coatings. Our program will help you predict how quickly your assets will corrode, so you can proactively protect them while minimizing downtime.

AIM for greater precision

Plan and schedule your corrosion management precisely.

Our easy to use budget manager will give you the ability to plan the next 10-20 years of your maintenance with precision. By performing 'just-in-time' maintenance rather than 'end-of-life' maintenance, you can improve the condition of your assets—and also maximize your return on investment.

AIM for better budgeting

Prioritize and rank your maintenance spending, so you can budget more effectively.

PPG AIM can tell you the current cost or it can predict the future cost of maintenance. With detailed budget reports, you will know how to spend your resources more effectively to lower your overhead management costs and extend the life expectancy of your assets. With these savings, PPG AIM pays for itself.

AIM for optimization

Optimize your asset maintenance process.

It's time to leave behind time-consuming and outdated methods to determine your protective coatings maintenance schedule. Our innovative solution will bring you into the future of maintenance by using technology to optimize your planning and processes.

Getting Started

Setting up PPG AIM for your business is easy! To start, we map your facility, conduct a field assessment survey, upload photos and enter data. Then you are ready to view your future from multiple perspectives.

Original NACE paper 509 presented at Corrosion 1998. Updated paper NACE 8279 at Corrosion 2008.

*PPG AIM is currently only available in the US and Canada. Check back for future developments.