Customer support

Customer Support

Our business is designed to ensure that customers are put at the center of everything we do and we consider that their input is vital to our ongoing success.

The fit-for-purpose approach we take with our product range also extends to the way we have structured our global customer support program, which is widely recognized as being exemplary.

Two key operational principles guide our customer support:

  • Global support: account managers and customer service functions are organized to serve all our customers promptly and efficiently – wherever they operate worldwide.
  • Quick deliveries: over 120 stock points, 15 hub and distribution centers, and 34 manufacturing facilities spread across all continents ensure prompt and reliable local product distribution.

A comprehensive production and support system

We have an established worldwide network of PPG offices, manufacturing and warehouse locations to service our customers directly. Our extensive worldwide network of production sites is situated in strategic locations with the capacity to produce and deliver products on time to all our customers wherever they may be.

Particularly in growth sectors, such as the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, our renowned operational infrastructure and worldwide capability are key assets for customers that need a fully resourced and dependable global partner.

In addition, our customers benefit from a complete range of support functions with experienced teams in Commercial, Logistics, Customer Services and Technical Services to ensure that every project is managed in the most efficient way.

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