If it's concrete, protect it with PPG

From general purpose epoxy flooring to specialized systems for severe environments, count on PPG for the right protection and the right technical support for your application. Use the PPG FLOORING Systems brochure and contact your PPG rep to design a system that’s right for you. Available in the US and Canada only.


PPG FLOORING coatings are custom tailored for your specific work environment. Each product system is chemically engineered for consistent performance, and our products are formulated to work together for optimum results.

General Purpose
•    Self leveling
•    Seamless high-build coating
•    Moderate chemical and abrasion resistance

Wear Resistance
•    Extreme durability
•    Excellent scratch resistance
•    Chemical and stain resistance
•    UV stable

Chemical Resistance
•    Excellent chemical resistance to acids, oils and chemicals
•    Epoxy, novolac and vinyl ester options
•    Thermal and mechanical shock resistance

Electrostatic Protection
•    Electrostatic discharge resistance
•    Chemical resistance
•    Extreme durability and abrasion resistance

Urethane Cement System
•    Waterproofing membrane system with moisture resistance
•    Chemical, abrasion and impact resistance
•    Thermal and mechanical shock resistance
•    Multiple top coat options

Mechanical Equipment Room
•    Extreme resistance in high blast environments or chemical areas
•    Thermal shock resistance
•    Can be applied to new concrete

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
•    Excellent chemical and water resistance
•    Extreme durability in high water exposure environments
•    Rapid return to service

•    Self-leveling joint sealants for expansion and isolation joints
•    For filling for around machine pads
•    For standard exterior joints
•    Self-leveling joint fillers for control joints
•    Heavy vehicle or wheeled cart traffic
•    Pedestrian traffic
•    Forklift traffic
•    Heavy traffic and freezer thresholds

PPG QUICK MENDER™ Concrete Repair
•    Rapid repair and priming of concrete and masonry
•    Easily Polished
•    Low Viscosity for Excellent Penetration and Absorption
•    Low Temperature Application – as Low as -20 °F (-29 °C)
•    Can Be Mixed with Quartz Sand to Form Durable Polymer Concrete

PPG QUICK MENDER X.O. Repair Polymer
•    For repair and patching horizontal concrete surfaces
•    Low odor, low viscosity
•    Rapid cure and return to service
•    Can be mixed with a wide variety of additives

PPG Decorative Flakes and Metallics
•    Showroom quality floors made easy
•    Colorfast, UV stable pigments
•    Compatible with many chemistries
•    Odorless