Technical support

Technical Support

First-rate technical service and support

At PPG, we pride ourselves in providing the most effective and fit-for-purpose products and processes for each application. This is supported by first-rate technical service and support, provided by experts who are based in over 60 countries.

Based on vast experience gained in all environments and conditions worldwide, our highly trained and independently certified professionals will assess your precise requirements in detail and propose protective coatings to fit your specific project criteria.

We also provide customized training, laboratory testing and guidance throughout the coating process, helping you to boost productivity, minimize downtime and reduce costs, while achieving the specified standards.

Global Field Technical Services (FTS)

Marine and offshore applications are particularly challenging and demand the very best technical support. Our Field Technical Services (FTS) team provides expert onsite technical assistance and advice during the surface preparation and application of PPG products, as well as assessment of the in-service performance of the applied coating system.

By monitoring the actual coating conditions onsite, and advising the applicators on surface preparation and application standards, our FTS team plays a key role in the coating process ensuring optimal performance of the applied coating systems.

Our FTS representatives are based around the world, enabling us to provide onsite support wherever your project is located.

Our FTS team:

  • Provides sound technical advice and onsite support to our customers (to assist in achieving the specified standard and ensure optimal performance of our products)
  • Monitors and reports the actual standards and application conditions onsite
  • Confirms whether the specified standards and technical requirements are met
  • Provides feedback from the field

Specialist qualifications

We have adopted Corrodere as a standard training program for all PPG technical service representatives.

This specialist online training program provides easy access to a comprehensive package of modules that cover the basics of corrosion, plus the commonly used methods of surface treatment and application of protective coatings.

In addition, many PPG technical service representatives are also qualified to Frosio and/or NACE.

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