PPG SIGMAFAST™ 278: Metaldeza hydraulic central power pipe, Pontevedra, Spain


PPG SIGMAFAST 278 delivers the ultimate solution for in-shop applications

The Customer

Metalúrgica del Deza (Metaldeza), formed in 1987, is a Spanish company of 110 employees, located in the municipality of Lalin, Pontevedra, northwest Spain.

Metaldeza specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures and metalwork, including infrastructure projects, pipelines, filters, and vessels under pressure. The company holds ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001, EMA’S and is certificated by ASME.

The Challenge

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings (PPG) was commissioned to provide the most effective coating solution for protecting pipes within a new hydraulic power installation. This was to be applied in-shop.

The specific challenge for PPG was to deliver optimal product performance in difficult operating conditions at 10°C. In addition, rigorous Health & Safety requirements, including strict VOC regulations, had to be met.

The Solution

As a result of our long relationship with Metaldeza, we were able to analyze and offer the most effective coating solution for this new-build project.

The PPG SIGMAFAST 278 product, with its innovative phenalkamine technology, provides excellent protection for a number of different environments and was chosen as the optimal solution from the PPG range.

The coating is easy to apply with airless equipment and provides excellent fast-drying times, being touch-dry after 1 hour and ready for overcoating after 2 hours, resulting in a quicker application process.

The Customer

Metalúrgica del Deza (Metaldeza)

The Location

The municipality of Lalin, Pontevedra, northwest Spain

The Challenge

To apply a fast-drying epoxy coating with a good thickness range.

The Solution


The Benefits

  • Fast drying
  • Broad application thickness range
  • Wide temperature application range
  • No induction time
  • High solids

The Result

  • Thicknesses applied from 125 to 225 microns in a single coat
  • Dry-to-touch: fulfilling customer expectations
  • Minimum recoating time
  • Easy spray application with airless equipment

Coating systems applied:

Internal pipe:


External pipe:

  • Area to concrete: PPG SIGMAFAST 278 (one single layer)
  • Area to atmospheric condition: PPG SIGMAFAST 278, PPG SIGMACOVER 410, PPG SIGMADUR 550

The Benefits

The PPG SIGMAFAST 278 high-solids zinc phosphate epoxy primer and buildcoat is now the ONLY coating on the market that combines 80% of volume solids with excellent fast-drying properties in one product, which made it ideal for this project.

In addition, Metaldeza chose the PPG SIGMAFAST 278 coating because of the following key benefits:

  • Easy to apply
  • No induction time
  • Fast drying: touch-dry after 1 hour and dry-to-overcoat after 2 hours at 20°C
  • Broad application thickness range: 75 microns to 250 microns
  • Wide temperature application range with only one curing agent: –5°C to 40°C
  • Low VOC content: 230g/L and 153g/kg maximum, complying with the latest VOC legislation
  • High solids: 80% of volume solids: less waste.

The Result

The PPG SIGMAFAST 278 coating offers heavy-duty protection, excellent adhesion and accelerated curing speed.

The coating was applied quickly and simply with airless equipment at the in-shop location. The ease of application and fast drying is essential to allow the pipes to be fabricated efficiently, reduce manufacturing time and increase productivity.

The customer was delighted with the speed and accuracy of the application, the speed of dry-to-touch and the minimal recoating time:

“This product has fulfilled the objectives that we had set when selecting it: easy to apply, appropriate thickness and fast drying.”

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