PPG PITT-CHAR® XP: Formosa Plastic Corporation USA

PPG PITT-CHAR® XP delivers resilient, long-term PFP protection

The Customer

Formosa Plastic Corporation (FPC) is one of the world's largest petrochemical companies with operations in Taiwan, China, South East Asia and the USA.

FPC decided to expand its operation in the USA to capitalize on growing business opportunities. To realize this objective, the organization invests USD 8 to 10 billion in the USA. The HDPE is the second phase of the expansion. Most of the steel and equipment was fabricated and coated in Taiwan then shipped to Texas USA for erection and final touch-up.

The Challenge

This project faced the key issue of cross-continent shipping and handling. The steel structures were fabricated and coated in Taiwan and then shipped overseas to Texas, USA for final touch-up and construction. Therefore, the fire protection coating needed to withstand long-distance transportation with minimal or no damage. The coating also had to provide long-term protection against corrosion and weathering factors with little or no maintenance.

Accordingly, a complex project of this scale required a global, experienced, cross-border project team to support the HDPE project for the fabrication and on-site technical support.

The Solution

Our answer to the customer's specification was to supply the PPG PITT-CHAR XP system along with comprehensive project support. The coating's unique flexibility ensured excellent protection against cracking and damage during shipping combined with exceptional fire and explosion resistance. It also delivered an exceptional defense against chemicals, such as solvents, acids, alkalis and salts to ensure long-service protection.

In addition to supplying the ideal product, we provided local expertise on a global basis to support the Taiwan and US applicators with on-site applicator training, plus site inspections in Taiwan and the USA.


Formosa Plastic Corporation USA




Point Comfort, Texas, USA


To provide a coating that would withstand cross-continent transportation and offer experienced cross-border coordination throughout the project.


The PPG PITT-CHAR® XP intumescent coating.


Our PPG PITT-CHAR XP system's unique flexibility offers excellent resistance to cracking and damage during shipping, erection, and in service, along with durable protection against chemicals.


This flexible passive fire protection (PFP) system protected the steel structure from fire attack, harsh weather, and long-distance transportation. It also reduced overall construction costs, shortened building time, and produced long-term asset protection.

Cross-border support including professional training and services helped the customers with on-site applicator training and site inspections in Taiwan and the USA.

The Benefits

Introduced in 1983, our PPG PITT-CHAR XP system is the single-product solution for hydrocarbon fire and cryogenic spill protection. The patented, two-component, 100% solids flexible intumescent epoxy offers proven hydrocarbon passive fire protection (PFP) against the constant threat of hydrocarbon fire in many industries throughout the world.

The system's unique flexibility enables it to be applied either in-shop or on-site – without the cracking issues during transportation and erection of coated steelwork associated with rigid epoxy systems. This flexibility and elongation also reduces impact- and abrasion damage during construction and in service, thereby reducing subsequent remedial repairs.

Key benefits

  • Unique flexibility withstands vibration, impact, explosion, and severe temperature changes
  • Enhanced crack resistance during construction and in service
  • Excellent resistance to chemical splash, spillage and harsh weather
  • Mechanically tough – reduces damage and repair
  • Increases fabrication speed and efficiency
  • Superior low-temperature adhesion
  • Helps improve application quality
  • More cost-effective through service life
  • Meets UL 1709 certification
  • Extensively tested and approved by customers and third-party institutes
  • Saves lives and protects assets for decades

The Result

Our PPG PITT-CHAR XP system ensured that the customer benefited from the effective fire protection and damage resistance coating to protect the steel structure. The product was applied at an off-site painting factory and transported to the construction site across the Pacific Ocean. This enabled the customer to save on the overall construction costs, shorten the building time, and deliver long-term asset protection.

The customer benefited from the expertise of our local support teams and our integrated cross-border coordination throughout the project. We also supplied professional training and services in Taiwan and the USA to help the customers complete this project.

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