Information Requests and Cargo Enquiry Service

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For all enquiries regarding cargoes not included in this resistance service, and for cargoes without resistance indications, or when deviating from maximum temperature limits, PPG must be consulted before such a cargo is accepted, stored or transported.

Please contact us at and include relevant information such as:

  • Coating system in the tank(s) (and if it has been applied or is to be selected)
  • Type of tank (ship, land storage, rail, process, etc.) including construction material (e.g., carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete)
  • Size of the tank (coated area in m2 or volume in m3)
  • Trade name/chemical name/CAS number identifying the chemical(s) to be stored/transported
  • Composition/purity % (by weight or volume, and identify the solvent/medium, such as water)
  • Known impurities/other components
  • pH
  • Pure cargo or use as an additive (include information on the main cargo and intended blend %)
  • Conditions: temperature and pressure, and any cycles of these that may apply during storage/transport, process or loading/discharging

Please attach supporting information such as Product Data Sheet(s), and Material Safety Data Sheet(s).

It is our aim to reply within one working day; however, this depends very much on the information received. If it is not possible to give an answer based on the specifications received or the enquiry concerns new products, or products mentioned in the service but not classified, conducting a test can be discussed. Note that such testing may take up to 6 months and about 1 liter of sample material would need to be supplied.