PPG PSX 700®: Adelaide Oval Riverbank Stand, Adelaide, South Australia

Stunning aesthetics and durable corrosion protection

The Customer

Adelaide Oval is operated by the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority (SMA), in a unique joint venture between football (South Australian National Football League) and cricket (South Australian Cricket Association). The Oval is a historic landmark and has been one of Australia’s premier sporting and entertainment venues since 1871. The Riverbank Stand was built in 2013 as part of a AUD 535 million redevelopment of Adelaide Oval that has delivered a world-class stadium with an increased seating capacity of 53,500.

For such a revered sporting attraction as the Adelaide Oval, providing the most effective protection for the Riverbank Stand was our top priority.

Long-lasting corrosion protection, exceptional color and gloss retention, visual appearance, and the preservation of the Oval’s heritage were key factors in the owner’s specification. Other than coating protection, environmental considerations, such as being low VOC and isocyanate-free for the public areas, were a fundamental measurement of the project’s success for this world-class sporting stadium.

The Solution

To satisfy the SMA’s comprehensive requirement, we recommended the PPG PSX 700 engineered polysiloxane. As a unique blend of organic, epoxy-based and inorganic siloxane-based systems, it is perfectly suited to iconic structures such as the Adelaide Oval where corrosion resistance is essential but aesthetics and image are also important to the public’s perception of the venue.

The Owner

Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority

The Contractor

Manuelle Engineering

The Applicator

Tru-Coat Applicator

The Location

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Coating System

PPG PSX® 700

The Substrate

New steel

Surface Preparation

Abrasive blast

Date of Application


The Benefits

Adelaide Oval Riverbank Stand

The PPG PSX 700 system is easy to apply with excellent corrosion-, chemical- and abrasion resistance greater than that of a traditional epoxy. The high-gloss coating also has exceptional color and gloss retention outperforming the best polyurethane in the market. Its low surface energy feature limits the accumulation of stains and dirt, and enhances the ability of the surface to self-clean. Moreover, its high-solids, low VOC and isocyanate-free composition minimizes impact to the environment, and promotes a healthier work environment for painters.

Lower maintenance costs

Ongoing maintenance costs are also reduced due to its unlimited recoat window. Requiring no sandblasting, the coating simply requires a wash, dry and recoat with another coat of the PPG PSX 700 topcoat, thereby saving future maintenance time and money for owner.

Benefits of PPG PSX 700:

Adelaide Oval Riverbank Stand
  • Extended color and gloss retention
  • Excellent corrosion protection for ISO 12944 C5 environments
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance frequency and costs
  • Lead-free
  • High solids (90% ± 2)
  • Low VOC (84 g/L) and isocyanate-free
  • Unlimited recoat window
  • 20-year proven track record

The Result

It is testament to the trust that the owner of the Adelaide Oval placed in our technical expertise, service and track record on developments of this scale and national importance.

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