PPG SIGMACOVER™ 280 and PPG PSX® 700FD: The Second Wuhu Yangtze Bridge - Handrail Package

The Second Wuhu Yangtze Bridge

PPG system reduces application time and extends protection life cycle

The Customer

Anhui Transportation Investment Group primarily engages in the investment and management of transportation construction.

The Second Wuhu Yangtze Bridge will sit across the Yangtze River in Wuhu, Anhui. The structure is part of the highway network plan in the Xuzhou to Fuzhou express river-crossing route. This cable bridge is about 13 kilometers long with an 806-meter main span and a total weight of 36,000 tons.

The specification for the handrail package (10,800 tons) demanded a polysiloxane topcoat system for extended protection.

The Challenge

On this project, the main issue for the coating system was the very tight timeline.

The Solution

To ensure that the production timeline was met, we proposed our PPG PSX 700FD (Fast-Dry version) system with support from the PPG China Sales team. The great advantage is that this coating is touch-dry within one hour.

The Benefits

The PPG PSX 700FD system reduced the application time. The topcoat was touch-dry within an hour, which expedited the painting process and allowed the project to meet its timeline without any delays.

A key characteristic of the coating is its excellent corrosion resistance. Our PPG PSX 700FD polysiloxane is a hybrid of organic polymer binders and inorganic silicon polymer, which makes the topcoat very durable for even the most severely polluted areas.

The customer will also benefit from life cycle cost reduction as the topcoat offers prolonged color- and gloss retention, superior to the best polyurethane in the marketplace. This will extend the future maintenance schedule and reduce application frequency, thereby saving costs.


Anhui Transportation Investment Group (ATIG)


China Railway Tenth Group Ltd.


China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd.


Wuhu, Anhui Province, China


To meet an extremely tight project deadline


PPG SIGMACOVER 280 epoxy anticorrosive primer
PPG PSX® 700FD engineered polysiloxane coating, (FastDry version)


Our advanced coating systems reduce the application procedure, which saves time and also extend the asset's protection life cycle.


The system offers prolonged aesthetics with effective protection against weathering and corrosion.



The Second Wuhu Yangtze Bridge

Launched in 1994, the system’s proven track record is evidence of our patented technology’s performance and success on hundreds of this type of application.

The Result

Our PPG PSX 700FD system will protect the Second Wuhu Yangtze Bridge – Handrail Package against UV rays; dirt; exhaust fumes; and other corrosive forces, such as pollutants, moistures, acid, nitric gas and sulfur in the air.

The extended protection life cycle will reduce future maintenance frequency along with the coating's longlasting aesthetics, proven to be two times that of a traditional polyurethane topcoat.

The system is also better for the environment, thanks to its high solids (90%) and lower VOC characteristics.

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