Rail car and terminal protective coating

Proven coatings for the rail industry

At PPG, we deliver proven and long-lasting protective coatings for the rail industry with a particular emphasis on rail car exterior coatings, tank linings, and hopper car linings.

We offer a legacy of coating solutions with established performance and reliability for the rail car industry. For more than 40 years we have been a major supplier of hopper car linings, tank car linings and rail car exterior coatings. Our products and systems will provide the combination of aesthetics, durable protection, and fast return to service required for minimizing overall rail car maintenance costs.

For exterior rail cars, we have the range of products that allow you to meet specific needs, including alkyds, epoxies and urethanes. For tank linings, specifically designed PPG epoxy, epoxy novolac, and phenolic epoxy systems will provide the protection and service life needed for a wide variety of cargoes. For hopper car linings, our epoxy or urethane systems protect valuable assets and maximize their in-service time.

Rail terminals and support

In addition to rail cars, we also provide coatings for the protection of other rail assets, including terminals and tunnels, with specific areas of protection including durable corrosion resistance and fire protection.

Our specialist coatings for rail terminal and support infrastructure, including the PPG PSX® 700 coating and PPG STEELGUARD cellulosic fire protection range range, offer durable and fit-for-purpose solutions for these issues.

PPG PSX® 700

PPG PSX® 700

PPG PSX 700 is an innovative two-coat solution that provides long-term steel protection in aggressive exposure conditions. Demonstrated applications include bridges, wind turbines, stadia, water towers, petrochemical tanks and mining assets.



PPG STEELGUARD 701 and 801 coatings are part of our leading cellulosic fire protection range. They are solvent-based reactive intumescent coatings that have been specifically developed to buy time and limit asset damage in 30- and 60-minute fire scenarios.

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