Next generation water-based epoxy coating

PPG AQUAPON WB EP is the next generation of water-based epoxy technology that gives you excellent performance in scrub, abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance. With high durability and stain resistance, this coating is made for commercial, institutional and manufacturing facilities.

The topcoat, clear coat and primer are easy to apply with fast dry and recoat times, so you can maintain your facilities efficiently. The low odor makes it ideal for indoor spaces, and our accurate color-matching ensures you can get the job done without worrying about consistency of color.

MPI Certification 115 and 215

PPG AQUAPON WB EP is certified by the Master Painter Institute to MPI Standard 115 (Epoxy-Modified Latex, Interior, Gloss) and MPI Standard 215 (Epoxy-Modified Latex, Interior, Semi-Gloss).

To achieve this certification, our coating had to meet requirements for:

  • Dry time
  • Flexibility
  • Scrubbability
  • Water resistance
  • Alkali resistance

This coating is made for interior surfaces in busy environments that undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.

Ultra-low VOC (26g/L)

This water-based epoxy technology is an excellent alternative to solvent-based and older water-based technologies. The benefits of this next generation technology include ultra-low VOC (26g/L) with very low odor, making it ideal for maintaining facilities that get a lot of daily traffic like hospitals, schools and hotels. The low odor means that application is easier and safer without disturbing the daily operations of your facility, which is especially important when this paint will be used in indoor spaces that serve large populations.

Easy Application

Our fast dry and recoat times help your facility maintenance schedule stay on track. The water-based coating has a fast dry time, so that you can return to service with minimal interruptions. And we know that your facilities need to maintain their professional look – which means color-matching is essential to your coating choice. With our color-matching capabilities, you don’t have to worry. You will get the clean look you need, alongside the outstanding protection.

This easy application is perfect for facilities that can’t simply shut down when maintenance is needed, or don’t want to wait and experiment trying to get the color right. This is why PPG AQUAPON WB EP is the coatings choice for manufacturing or industrial facilities, schools and hospitals.

High Durability

Stain resistant. Impact resistant. Scrub resistant. Abrasion resistant. Corrosion resistant. Chemical resistant. PPG AQUAPON WB EP can handle whatever your facility throws at it. This is why it is perfect for facilities that experience high foot traffic, may have chemicals or fumes, or simply have a lot of people tracking dirt and grime through them at all times.

It's tough when it needs to be, but gentle to maintain. Breathable with convenient soap and water cleanup, fingerprints from schoolchildren or any spills or accidents in a hospital room are easily wiped away.

PPG AQUAPON WB EP is an ultra-low VOC (26g/L) water-based epoxy with a durable, high resistant finish.