Ultra-low friction, premium performance copper-free antifouling

PPG NEXEON 810 is our latest premium copper-free antifouling solution with a strong emphasis on sustainability, performance and aesthetics. Building on over 25 years of copper-free development experience, its unique formula integrates photodegradable biocides and can achieve up to 25% in greenhouse gas emissions savings* supporting 60 days of idle time with minimal speed loss**. Outstanding color retention is maximized throughout the entire service life of the vessel.

Unique pure hydrolyzing and copper-free technology

PPG's focus on environmental responsibility guided our engineers to create a unique copper-free technology characterized by a significantly reduced organic biocide content that ensures effective performance. The incorporation of 100% pure hydrolyzing technology in the binder ensures that PPG NEXEON 810 offers controlled and predictable solubility within a homogeneous matrix, effectively minimizing bulk erosion and guaranteeing strong performance throughout the vessel's operational period.

Significant emissions savings

Experience instant smoothness from the outset with PPG NEXEON™ 810. The choice of organic copper-free biocides results in an exceptionally smooth surface that not only improves fouling resistance performance but also contributes to a significant reduction in emissions. Benefit from a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 25% as PPG NEXEON™ 810 enhances hull efficiency, reduces frictional resistance, and minimizes speed loss.

CII compliant at higher speeds

PPG NEXEON 810 enables a vessel to sustain higher speeds while still remaining CII compliant. Typically, an improvement in speed of around +0.5 knots can be achieved with the same deadweight and distance annually.

Functional photodegradation of organic biocides

Purposefully designed to exhibit functional photodegradability, PPG NEXEON 810 enables the gradual release and operation of organic biocides in close proximity to the surface. Upon entering the water, the combined effects of sunlight and ocean bacteria kickstart the breakdown of these organic biocides.

Excellent color retention during entire service life

PPG NEXEON 810 delivers unparalleled aesthetics throughout the entire service life of the vessel. Unlike conventional antifoulings which can oxidize quickly and lead to discoloration of the coating, PPG NEXEON 810 maintains an outstanding appearance, delivering a premium look that endures throughout the vessel's entire service life.

PPG NEXEON 810: ideal for electrostatic application

The unique chemical composition of NEXEON 810 allows it to be sprayed electrostatically; a significant benefit that is unavailable to conventional copper-containing antifoulings. Paint particles are precisely guided towards the grounded surface of the vessel, leading to an exceptionally even particle distribution and the formation of a uniform and smooth film.

The excellent transfer efficiency achieved through electrostatic spraying provides a decrease in overspray and waste, resulting in a significant reduction in paint consumption and improved health and safety benefits when compared to airless spraying.

*Compared to traditional antifoulings.

**Actual results are dependent on ship type, vessel specific utilization and operation.