Versatility of use – proven success

The PPG SIGMACOVER 350 primer/finish has proven to be the most versatile member of the PPG SIGMACOVER product range of recoatable epoxy systems in new-build, dry dock applications as well as onboard maintenance. The product is successfully used on decks, interiors, superstructures, topsides and in dry cargo holds.

  • Surface-tolerant epoxy for decks, interiors, superstructures, topsides and dry cargo holds
  • Independently certified for the carriage of dry foodstuffs
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Compatible with existing aged coatings
  • No induction time – start painting jobs faster
  • Quick drying and return to service – reducing downtime
  • Fast curing with year round application
  • Glossy finish – easy to clean
  • Extensive range of colors available through our color network centers
  • Part of the PPG SIGMACARE® onboard maintenance service

Surface-tolerant – ideal for onboard maintenance

Surface tolerance is a key feature of the PPG SIGMACOVER 350 coating. Whilst at sea, it is often impossible to prepare rusty surfaces to high standards of surface preparation. The coating has been designed for use where surface preparation is not optimal. It is suitable for use on clean, aged intact coatings with minimal surface pre-treatment. This added versatility ensures good adhesion to marginally prepared surfaces, thus providing the required protection in service and allowing ship operators to better utilize their maintenance budgets.

Abrasion-resistant - suitable for dry cargo holds

The PPG SIGMACOVER 350 coating is abrasion resistant and a selected range of colors offers additional benefits for use in dry cargo holds, such as an independent certification for the carriage of dry foodstuffs. It is also possible to transport paper and forestry products in holds as the product is aluminum free.

Extended colour range

The PPG SIGMACOVER 350 primer/finish is now available in an extended color range, including tintable base L and Z from dispenser, with worldwide availability and service assured through our color network centers. In addition, by combining the primer and finish into one product, the system allows single product application and also reduces inventory levels. Therefore, this coating is the logical choice for onboard maintenance of all above-water areas including dry cargo holds.

The PPG SIGMACOVER 350 primer/finish is fully supported by the PPG SIGMACARE onboard maintenance crew support pack, which provides training and advice on the application and lifting the standards of ship onboard maintenance.


  • Reduced complexity through simplified product range – less inventory, reduced administration time
  • Multi-purpose usage making it ideally suited for onboard maintenance
  • No induction time – start painting jobs faster
  • Quick drying - fast return to service
  • Glossy finish / easy to clean – reducing downtime
  • Available in any color of choice supplied through our global color network centers
  • Supported by PPG SIGMACARE crew support and training package

For versatility of use, good abrasion resistance, ease of use for onboard maintenance – choose the choose the PPG SIGMACOVER 350 primer/finish.