Proven tank coating system delivers optimal resistance to a wide range of aggressive cargoes

Our established, market-leading system results in lower maintenance costs, enhanced profitability and greater chartering opportunities.

A robust, commercially beneficial solution for aggressive cargoes

To maximize revenue-earning potential it is vital that chemical and product tankers have the flexibility to transport the widest range of cargoes with minimum downtime. The choice of tank coating plays a major role in deciding which cargoes can be carried by your vessels, as well as influencing operational matters such as turnaround time and ease of cleaning.

The PPG PHENGUARD system is your ideal choice if you need the best protection against a wide range of aggressive cargoes.

Proven protection for tanks with maximum resistance to aggressive cargoes

Over the past 30 years, PPG PHENGUARD products have established a reputation for reliable performance in chemical and product tanker operations. The versatile three-coat system has consistently given ship owners the ability to carry an exceptionally wide range of cargoes, including highly aggressive loads such as methanol, EDC and fatty acids. It is also resistant to hot water as well as grey water and galley waste and is easy to apply using standard shipyard practices.

The established, market-leading system for tank coatings

Based on its extensive track record, the PPG PHENGUARD system is recognized as the market leader in the tank coating market. In fact, over 25 million m2 (82 million ft2) of the system has been applied in many of the world's leading shipyards for both new build and major refurbishment.

Built on unrivalled technical innovation and experience

The PPG PHENGUARD technology has been developed in our Research and Development Centers by chemists with decades of knowledge and experience. At installation, our well-trained field technical representatives will put their expertise at your service.

Our product offer, proven performance, technical knowledge and experience is simply unmatched in the market today.


  • Maximum resistance to a wide range of cargoes
  • 30-year track record
  • Suitable for aggressive waste cargoes
  • Reduced downtime between cargoes
  • Suitable for carrying high purity, high value products
  • References available for proven 12-year in service performance


  • Ship operational flexibility – optimal chartering opportunities
  • Reliable performance – secures asset value
  • One solution for multiple tanks – less complexity
  • Less downtime between cargoes - improves revenues
  • Maximizing cargo opportunities – enhances profitability
  • Durable coating performance – lower maintenance costs

For reliable and proven performance – choose PPG PHENGUARD 930/935/940.

To help in making your decision, we have compiled an extensive PPG PHENGUARD chemical resistance list, which can be found online: