Proven tank coating system – maximum resistance to aggressive cargoes

The PPG PHENGUARD 965 product is a three-coat tank lining system that was developed to meet the increasing demands for a product that had a wide application window, easy-to-clean surface and the ability to be applied and to cure at temperatures down to 5°C (41°F).

Suitable for aggressive waste cargoes such as grey water and galley waste or high-purity, high-value cargoes, and with excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals and refined products including methanol, EDC and fatty acids, the PPG PHENGUARD 965 product has a long track record of delivering measurable benefits for shipyards and owners.

At PPG, we understand that customers need to maximize their revenue-earning potential in a competitive market place, and that it is vital that chemical and product tankers have the flexibility to transport the widest range of cargoes with the minimum of downtime. Possessing a superior curing speed that benefits both shipyards and ship operators alike, the PPG PHENGUARD 965 system reduces the time to 'first cargo' and its improved application characteristics give a smoother surface for easier cleaning, thus reducing idle time and associated costs.


  • Resistance to the widest range of cargoes
  • Fast curing down to 5°C (41°F)
  • Suitable for aggressive waste cargoes such as grey water and galley waste
  • Reduced downtime between cargoes
  • Suitable for carrying high-purity, high-value products
  • Smooth finish – easy cleaning between cargoes


  • Ship operational flexibility – optimal chartering opportunities
  • Reducing time to service – avoiding off-hire costs
  • One solution for multiple tanks – less complexity
  • Ship operational efficiency – improving revenues
  • Maximized cargo opportunities – lifting profitability
  • Short turn around times – improving ship efficiency

The PPG PHENGUARD 965 system possesses the same broad range of chemical resistance and outstanding performance as the market-leading PPG PHENGUARD 930/935/940 system, combined with improved application, curing and smoothness.

The PPG PHENGUARD system is recognized as the market leader in the tank coating market. Over 25 million m2 (82 million ft2) of this system has been applied, both for new-build and major refurbishment.