This fast-curing tank lining provides effective resistance against a wide range of chemicals

SIGMAGUARD 720 is a two-component, high-solids, polyamine-cured coating which provides excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. It is suitable for use at low temperatures and is fast-curing, reducing labour time. This tank lining is part of the wider SIGMAGUARD family of products.

Designed to meet the most demanding site and operational requirements, our tank linings are trusted worldwide to deliver optimum performance time after time.

SIGMAGUARD 720 prolongs tank service life by providing vital protection against corrosion therefore avoiding the need for extensive repairs and costly replacements.

Benefits of this tank lining include:

  • Easy to apply with short curing times
  • Cost effective and economic
  • Good low-temperature cure
  • Light color with a smooth and glossy appearance enhances cleaning and inspection
  • Recognised corrosion control