Fast return to service with one-coat system

This two component, solvent free, amine rapid-curing novolac epoxy coating ensures a fast return to service with a one-coat, direct to metal application.


  • Single-coat coverage: wet film thickness (WFT) over 50 mils
  • Superior edge retention properties
  • Optically Active Pigment (OAP) technology
  • Applicator friendly
  • A range of application temperatures


  • Less application time*
  • Less man power needed and reduced disposal costs*
  • No primer coat needed
  • Extended tip and equipment life
  • One product for versatile applications
  • Color matching and touch-up capabilities

PPG AMERCOAT 240 is available in several colors and approved as brush grade for easy touch-up of fuel tanks and ballast tanks.

Increase your productivity and reduce labor costs with PPG NOVAGUARD 810 ER:

  • True single coat: easily apply 20-40 mils in a single application without curtaining, sagging or runs
  • High build with superior edge retention
  • OAP technology enables non-destructive UV light holiday detection
  • Smooth finish for easy cleaning and inspection
  • Available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon lined drums to significantly reduce labor and disposal costs

* (compared to a two-coat system)