New, high-build, flexible vinyl finish coat for enhanced protection

Our advanced coating offers excellent water resistance and improved aesthetics for both underwater and above-water vessel areas.

New formulation delivers greater protection for underwater and above-water vessel areas

Introducing PPG VIKOTE 42 PRO coating, specifically designed for both underwater and above- water areas of your ship or pontoon. This advanced product is a high-build, flexible vinyl finish coat with superb water resistance and improved aesthetic characteristics.

High-build, flexible vinyl coating with excellent water resistance

The PPG VIKOTE 42 PRO coating's new advanced formulation provides even better protection against wear and tear of the vessel's surface. Furthermore, this high-build, one-component finish coat meets all inland marine industry requirements.

One-component coating with improved aesthetics

The PPG VIKOTE 42 PRO system has been developed to improve the aesthetic qualities of the vessel surface – particularly to prevent the early discoloration from black to grey of the finish coat. Exhaustive research and development has also resulted in a coating that not only looks attractive and maintains its appearance but is also very resilient.

Efficient, flexible and easy application

In addition to its aesthetic qualities and durability, the PPG VIKOTE 42 PRO coating is very easy to apply onboard with airless spray, brush or roller. It dries quickly, is dry-to-touch after 60 minutes and can be applied at temperatures down to –10°C.

To ensure maximum performance, we advise that the following primers should be applied underneath the PPG VIKOTE 42 PRO finish coat: the PPG VIKOTE 12 PRO one-component primer or the PPG SIGMACOVER 280 or PPG SIGMAPRIME® 200 two-component primers.


  • One-component finish coat
  • Improved formulation with regards to wear and tear and color retention
  • Dry-to-touch after 60 minutes
  • Tar free and unsaponifiable
  • Available in black
  • Increased volume solids
  • Suitable for underwater and above-water vessel areas
  • Meets all inland marine industry requirements


  • Excellent color retention
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Improved durability
  • Fast drying
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to –10°C
  • Unlimited re-coatability
  • Easy to apply by airless spray, brush or roller