Ultra-premium antifouling performance. Built for the future.

The culmination of 10 years of intensive product development, the ultra-premium PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX is the latest addition to the successful PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE range - antifouling products that have been developed with the primary aim of reducing energy and lowering total operational costs for vessels.

PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX has been specifically developed to provide maximum hull protection against fouling with an ultra-strong biocide package. Its zinc methacrylate Controlled Surface active Polymers (CSP) binder technology has been cleverly designed to overcome three common challenges associated with existing marine antifouling technology:

1. Non-linear polishing
2. Leached layer buildup
3. Limited biocide package

PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX solves these challenges

1. Real linear polishing

Maximum and predictable performance during the operational cycle

PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX sets a new standard for linear polishing. PPG's zinc methacrylate resin results in unrivalled linear polishing that is unaffected by seawater temperature and far exceeds the polishing pattern regularly experienced with products that are based on other acrylate technologies.

2. Minimum leached layer

Maximum biocide availability at all times and when stationary

Most conventional and silyl acrylate antifouling products develop a significant leached layer buildup when a vessel is stationary and/or after 2-3 years of operation. The development of this leached layer dramatically reduces biocide availability and quickly compromises the effectiveness of the antifouling.

PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX utilizes a unique binder formulation designed to minimize the development of a leached layer. In tests, and applications with existing customers, it shows minimal leached layer build up with no performance loss over the period of operation and reliable idle time protection for 45 days.

3. Ultra-premium biocide package

Covers the full spectrum of aggressive fouling conditions

PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX contains an ultra-strong biocide package targeted at different types of fouling growth: bacterial slime and micro-algae, soft fouling and animal fouling. All biocides used are fully approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Careful formulation of the biocides has ensured their effectiveness overlaps, giving complete coverage and allowing wider operational conditions and uniquely long idle periods. The outstanding performance of the ultra-strong biocide package is further underpinned by the bio-repellent effect of PPG's CSP technology which produces a slippery surface and reduces the ability of fouling adhesion.

Main features and benefits of PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX

Ultra linear polishing
Constant surface activity - predictable, ultra-premium performance for the operational period

Minimal Leached Layer
Constant availability of the strong biocide package - 45 days' static protection

Ultra-premium biocide package
and the release effect of engineered oils (CSP) - Protection against the full range of fouling conditions

Ultra-low friction
from lubricating Controlled Surface active Polymers (CSP) - 1.0 to 1.5% speed loss, improved fuel saving capabilities and up to 15% CO2 savings*

High volume solids
low VOC, improved sustainability and reduced waste

*Subject to conditions as specified in a performance guarantee to be issued by PPG.