Chemical Resistance

PPG FLOORING's Chemical Resistance Systems offer varying levels of protection against the effects of a wide variety of oils, acids, and chemicals. The epoxy-based system uses one of two Epoxy Siloxane topcoats to build an impenetrable barrier against corrosive substances. This topcoat is available in a gloss or satin finish, is easy to clean, and can be customized with a slip-resistant additive. For a step up in protection, we offer Novolac Epoxy as a topcoat option, providing excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. When compromise is not an option, the PPG FLOORING Vinyl Ester System delivers PPG's highest-performance chemical protection. We offer three families of Vinyl Ester solutions to meet various performance requirements: Vinyl Ester, Chlorendic Polyester, and Novolac Vinyl Ester.