Self-leveling joint fillers and sealants specifically formulated to protect concrete

PPG FLOORING rapid set polyurea joint fillers outperform traditional epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes for concrete joint protection. Both our joint fillers and sealants are specified by many of the biggest brand names in retail stores, supermarkets, distribution centers and industrial manufacturing facilities in the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Expand and contract with the joint during thermal cycling
  • Allow the joint and slab to move as designed
  • Prevent water and debris from entering the joint and eroding the slab or the soil beneath it
  • Absorb impact of hard-wheeled traffic and prevent degradation

Self-Leveling Joint Sealants offer a tenacious bond to concrete combined with excellent flexibility for exterior applications.

Self-Leveling Joint Fillers are designed primarily for interior use to prevent the edges of the concrete joint from chipping and spalling. They are designed to be a structural component that absorbs the impact of hard-wheeled traffic like forklifts and pallet jacks.

Recommended average coverage rates for our joint filler/sealant materials, including the Self-leveling series: SL/45, SL/60, SL/75, SL/85, SL/88 and SL/90.

Note: These recommendations contain a 10% deduction pre-calculated for waste and overfill.