Innovative technology – premium performance for long-term steel protection

The PPG PSX 700 product is a proven, patented technology that provides long-term protection, with application and system capabilities that can lower the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets. Demonstrated applications include stadiums, water towers, petrochemical tanks, bridges, wind towers, mining assets, many OEM applications, and other exposed steel in a variety of environments.

When using in new constructions, the ultra-high-volume solids together with the low volatile organic content (VOC), ensures that even the most stringent environmental emissions regulations are easily met. PPG PSX 700 coatings are isocyanate free, resistant to transit/installation damage and outperform traditional finishes.

PSX 700 products – unique, fit-for-purpose coatings

The patented PPG PSX 700 polysiloxane is featured in the external coating system and offers a major improvement in durability and aesthetics for aggressive exposure conditions. The robust chemical structure enables this unique polysiloxane coating to offer unsurpassed long-term retention of color and gloss characteristics by resisting the fading, chalking and general deterioration over time that is a common feature of more traditional finishes, such as epoxies and acrylic urethanes. This range is further strengthened by the PPG PSX 700SG* product, a semi-gloss finish for application where ultra-high solids content, long-term weatherability and enduring performance are required.

PPG PSX 700 Systems: 1 + 1 = 3

PPG offers alternative two-coat systems that are fully approved and meet the same exposure conditions as traditional three-coat systems, providing the ultimate balance of long-term protection, smart appearance and cost effectiveness. For example, for C5 external exposure there is a viable alternative of zinc-rich epoxy followed by the PSX 700 high- durability finish. This two-coat system saves time and reduces the overall build cost. Furthermore, its fast-curing, fast-handling and excellent edge coverage qualities meet the needs of the fabricator for optimal production capacity and rapid steel throughput to meet tight delivery schedules. The applied system is maintenance free, making it the ideal choice for many assets, particularly where inspection and repair must be minimized. In addition, PPG PSX 700 systems can offer significant savings in lifetime operational costs.

* limited selection of colors available