High-build, seamless, fast-curing, flexible, protective polyurea system

PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 is a high-build, flame-resistant polyurea spray coating system for high-performance facility applications and interior building surfaces. This aromatic polyurea high-build base coat in combination with an aliphatic polyurea finish coat offers a fast return to service, ease of cleaning and a high degree of flexibility. Designed for tough to coat places like transition zones, cracks and porous substrates, PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 stands up to frequent wash downs with many harsh chemicals including cleaning agents, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Available in North America only.

Application areas for food and beverage manufacturing plants*:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Storage

*not for equipment

PPG SANISHIELD 3000 base coat / 5000 top coat system is an effective, easy to clean coating alternative to fiberglass and stainless steel wall systems. With an extremely fast cure and high film build compared to conventional coatings, it allows for short shutdown interruptions and provides a smooth finish. This coating system is ideal for walls and ceilings in cold storage, food processing plants and pharmaceutical facilities. It's engineered to prevent issues like peeling paint, flaking rust, and porous substrates and can stand up to frequent cleaning.

Key Benefits

Fast Drying

Fast Drying - Quick re-coat times, fast return-to-service

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance - Wipes clean and maintains bright appearance


Flexibility - Limits need for sealants

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance - Resistant against many cleaning agents and disinfectants

Outstanding Abrasion Resistance

Outstanding Abrasion Resistance - Keeps a high gloss appearance

Surface Burning Characteristics

Surface Burning Characteristics - Tested to ASTM E-84 for Flame Spread and Smoke Development Index; Meets Class A or Class 1 in accordance with International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®


Approved - Coatings are suitable for incidental food contact applications

Ultra-Low VOC

Ultra-Low VOC - Low VOC formulation <17 g/L

High Film Build

High Film Build - Covers porosities, improves cleanability

Excellent Color Gloss Retention

Excellent Color Gloss Retention - Bright white surface