Fire protection for civil and commercial infrastructure

Dedicated fire protection for I-section beams and columns

PPG has a long heritage in cellulosic fire protection. In this innovative market, one of the keys to success is having competitive dry-film thickness loadings and a constantly updated product portfolio.

The STEELGUARD 701 and 801 products are the latest new additions to our leading cellulosic fire protection range. These solvent-based reactive intumescent coatings have been specifically developed to target 30- and 60-minute fire scenarios.

Designed for use on I-section beams, columns and other open steel profiles, the purpose of the STEELGUARD 701 and 801 coatings is to protect and extend the stability of steel-framed structures in the event of a fire and prevent collapse for the specified time periods. This gives the building occupants vital additional time to escape to safety and also allows fire fighters to save the building itself.

To complement this feature, we have also launched the STEELGUARD 702 product. This new accompanying solvent-based intumescent is specifically designed to provide up to 90 minutes’ fire protection to hollow- section profiles. With improved loadings and an extended HP/A range over our existing EN tested products, this combines with our STEELGUARD 701/801 products to offer a full and competitive market solution for every need.

STEELGUARD thin film intumescent coatings have been formulated and designed for a specific purpose; therefore, they are able to outperform other like-for-like competitors’ products both on dry-film thickness loadings and application costs.

PPG's value proposition

In addition, STEELGUARD 701/801 coatings offer the following advantages:

  • External exposure for up to 12 months without topcoating, provided the steelwork is not subjected to ponding, running water or immersion
  • Fast-drying primers and the specially designed STEELGUARD 2458 topcoat enable application of three coats in one day
  • STEELGUARD products are certified against a wide range of national and international standards
  • Cost-effective solution when compared against other major manufacturers EN 13381-8 tested SB products loadings. See example calculations below:

Four-sided columns – 500°C:

IPE 400 – 1,000 m2 = 1,159 liters of STEELGUARD 801 product saving between 23–44% against other leading competitors SB products for the same scenario (theoretical totals only)

Three-sided beams – 500°C:

HEA 200 – 1,000 m2 = 1,061 liters of STEELGUARD 801 product saving between 21–54% against other leading competitors' SB products for the same scenario (theoretical totals only)

The STEELGUARD 701/801 coatings, alongside our existing extended STEELGUARD product range provide a comprehensive fire protection portfolio for all requirements.

PPG has an extensive and varied track record in the cellulosic fire protection market. Whether the final project is domestic, commercial or industrial, STEELGUARD intumescent coatings can deliver a system that is suitable for almost any kind of environment.

Our global and local project specialists work tirelessly to ensure the correct fire protection systems are specified for each individual project, giving peace of mind to Architects, Main Contractors and Engineers. This customer service and our commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality products ensure that PPG is a world leader in the fire protection industry.