Next generation flexible passive fire protection

PPG PITT-CHAR NX is our next generation flexible epoxy intumescent coating system designed to resist the most severe hydrocarbon hazards - pool fires, jet fires and explosions - in both onshore and offshore environments within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

When exposed to the high temperatures of the fire, PPG PITT-CHAR NX expands to form a robust, insulating char that significantly reduces the rate of heat up of the protected item. The insulation maintains steel integrity, and hence buys crucial time for personnel to escape and equipment to function on demand.

Download our PPG PITT-CHAR NX White paper to learn more about a new standard in passive fire protection coatings performance.

Building on proven technology and expertise

For over 35 years PPG's fireproofing technology has been trusted to safeguard personnel and equipment in hazardous environments around the world. Building on this experience and track record, and developed in our UL-certified Global Protection Technology Center, this unique patent-pending product brings major advantages to owners, engineers, fabricators and applicators.

The PPG PITT-CHAR NX flexible epoxy intumescent coating system offers low thickness, reduced weight and faster application, at the same time providing outstanding durability by retaining PPG's unique flexible technology.



The latest offering in the PPG PITT-CHAR flexible passive fire protection (PFP) range reduces uncertainty as it is capable of protecting against the full range of hydrocarbon hazards. This means you no longer need to choose between jet fire and pool fire for the optimized solution. PPG PITT-CHAR NX does both and is proven to resist severe explosions and impact without affecting performance.

For further peace of mind, this coating system is comprehensively tested to comply with all the latest internationally recognized fire test standards.


PPG PITT-CHAR NX is formulated with patent-pending fireproofing technology to achieve the most durable PFP coating system yet. This toughness comes from the coating's unique flexibility, which enables it to withstand stresses and strains without cracking or delamination during fabrication, erection, transportation and construction in vastly varying climates.

Once in service, PPG PITT-CHAR NX will provide dependable performance throughout the asset’s entire lifetime. It will not only flex with the steel structure, but also resist vibration, impact and extreme environmental conditions.


PPG PITT-CHAR NX is also noticeably thinner and lighter than ALL alternative passive fire protection systems. For example, based on our UL 1709 two-hour fire rating, PPG PITT-CHAR NX is 7.98mm (314 mils) thin.


The coating system is at least 15% lighter than ANY alternative epoxy PFP coating system and so-called "lightweight" cementitious systems are actually three times heavier.

As well as providing substantial material savings, this reduction in PFP weight on topsides and steel structures also reduces both transport and construction costs.


Thanks to the thinness, excellent sagging resistance and fast cure characteristics of PPG PITT-CHAR NX, the complete PFP coating system can be applied in just one day.

Providing up to 60% savings in application time, this greatly enhances productivity - increasing throughput and reducing construction schedules and application costs, whether applied on-site or off-site.

PPG PITT-CHAR NX - a major advance in passive fire protection technology that is safer, tougher, thinner, lighter and faster.