Single coat system for maintenance of floating tank roofs

  • High solids epoxy coating - 85% volume solids
  • Surface tolerant
    • Application to blast cleaned, mechanically cleaned or hydro jetted steel
    • Can be applied over sound existing epoxy coating systems
    • Suitable for application onto a damp substrate
  • Low temperature curing down to 23°F (-5°C)
  • Will continue to cure under water (will tolerate immersion or (ponding) water exposure 30 minutes after application)
  • Single coat system ensures quick turnaround during maintenance

SIGMASHIELD 880 is an abrasion-resistant, surface-tolerant, multipurpose epoxy designed specifically for application in the world's most challenging environments. SIGMASHIELD 880 represents a new standard in the protective coatings industry combining superior performance in:

  • Single coat application
  • Faster dry time
  • Abrasion resistance

SIGMASHIELD 880 provides savings by reducing the time and expense associated with surface preparation as well as providing greater application efficiency and increased finish quality.

Floating tank roofs have traditionally been coated with two or three coat applications.

Application of multiple coat systems on floating tank roofs can frequently be affected by rain and adverse weather conditions. This can seriously affect the coating schedule leading to delays, especially when there is standing water on the roof to remove between coats. Early exposure to rain during application can also lead to adhesion problems between subsequent coats.

SIGMASHIELD 880 is the ideal coating for maintenance of floating tank roofs and can be applied in a single coat to flat plates reducing application costs and down time.

If rain occurs after 30 minutes following application Sigmashield 880 will continue to cure even if standing water is present.

SIGMASHIELD 880 offers short dry to touch times and is also suitable to be applied on to substrate temperatures of 23°F (-5°C) up to 120°F (48°C).


SIGMASHIELD 880 is primarily designed for spray application but can also be applied by brush or roller.

Other applications

SIGMASHIELD 880 is used in a wide range of other applications some of which are detailed below:

  • Jetties, piers, pontoons and sluice gates
  • Offshore – topsides, splash zone, immersion and decks
  • Infrastructure – bridges
  • Pipe work