Revolutionizing maintenance painting around the world

Amerlock is the high-solids (85%), high-build epoxy protective coating that provides the solution to maintenance painting in tough industrial, marine and offshore environments around the world.

A tough durable coating

There is an Amerlock coating for every maintenance job. It provides durable, dependable protection from chemicals and corrosion in a variety of industrial and infrastructure applications and excellent resistance to weather, moisture and chemical fumes.

Solve complex corrosion problems with minimal preparation

These coatings are designed to permit application directly to tightly adhering rust and intact old paint without blast cleaning. Amerlock has superior wetting action and creates a tight bond to the underlying metal. Amerlock’s low-solvent formula will typically not lift or wrinkle paint and it is also an excellent direct-to-metal protective coating for new, unpainted surfaces.

Compatible with a wide range of topcoats

It is a self-priming topcoat over most existing coatings. It can be overcoated with a wide range of other PPG topcoats if desired for extended weatherability or special situations. Amerlock 400 cures through a wide temperature range and is available in a variety of colours.

General maintenance applications

Its chemical resistance to splash/spillage, fumes and immersion in neutral, fresh and salt water makes Amerlock 400 an excellent choice for a wide variety of general maintenance applications.

Faster drying time

Choose Amerlock 2 for its faster drying time. It is dry to touch in as few as 3 hours at 20°C (dependant on film build) and can be recoated in 6 hours.

It also offers the least amount of odour, low temperature cure down to -10°C, superior chemical resistance and high surface tolerance for excellent adhesion, making Amerlock products the choice of maintenance professionals worldwide.

Amerlock can be used on:

  • concrete floors
  • roofs
  • bridges
  • production areas
  • tank exteriors
  • oil tanks
  • showrooms
  • marine weathering
  • offshore
  • vehicle workshops
  • piping
  • water towers

Pack sizes:

4L & 20L kits