Meeting the industry demand for a practical solution to the transportation and storage of a wide range of chemicals including biofuels.

Low-temperature cure, solvent-free Novolac phenolic offers exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Our advanced coating offers quicker drying and reduced risk when curing at sub-zero temperatures.


This coating is a solvent free, low-temperature cure (fast return to service) Novolac phenolic tank lining system. It has been specially developed to provide optimal resistance to new, aggressive fuel mixtures, such as Biodiesel (B5 to higher grades) and gasoline/ethanol blends – ranging from 5% Ethanol (E5) to 100% ethanol (E100).

This specialized tank and pipeline coating combines the superior chemical resistance of Novolac epoxy chemistry with the health and safety advantages afforded by solvent-free products. Its broad chemical resistance permits the storage of 100% ethanol and crude oil up to a maximum temperature of 120°C (248°F), as well as for a wide range of petrochemicals and solvents.

Established performance – greater efficiency

Our PPG NOVAGUARD 890LT coating is easily sprayed by heavy-duty, single-feed airless equipment as a one-coat system applied directly to blast-cleaned steel or over an approved blasting primer.

Environmentally friendly – improved health and safety

The demand for safer products is a key issue in the tank coating and pipe lining industry. Being solvent-free, our PPG NOVAGUARD 890LT coating greatly improves working conditions, air quality and reduces the risk of explosion and fire. Applicators also benefit from a healthier, safer and a more environmentally friendly workplace.


  • Solvent-free Novolac epoxy tank and pipeline coating resistant to a wide range of chemicals including bio-fuels
  • No hot cure required when storing gasoline blends with ethanol
  • Exceptional edge coverage and elasticity
  • Reduces explosion risk and fire hazard
  • Light color with smooth and glossy appearance
  • Approved for aviation fuel storage tanks and pipes
  • Suitable for new-build or refurbishment


  • Single-coat system applied directly to steel or over an approved primer
  • Suitable for application at new construction and major refurbishment
  • Excellent application characteristics – single-feed airless application
  • Cures down to -10°C (14°F)
  • Can be applied on surfaces down to 0°C (32°F)
  • Fast return to service: inspection at 18hrs – return to service at 36hrs - 20°C (68°F)
  • High chemical resistance (E100, crude oil up to 120°C (248°F) and wide variety of chemicals)
  • Rapid cure and return to service with a broad recoat window
  • Novolac epoxy technology for broad chemical resistance – similar to PPG NOVAGUARD 890
  • Low film thickness required – 300 μm/12 mils
  • High film thickness capable of 1100 μm/45 mils with no sagging

For a detailed chemical resistance list please contact your PPG representative.