Amine Epoxy Tank Linings

  • Superior edge retention and less stripe coating
  • High build (up to 12 mils) in one coat
  • Direct-to-metal application
  • Self-priming and surface tolerant
  • Fast dry-to-recoat
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Exceptional corrosion protection and high performance
  • Low–VOC
  • Low temperature cure (Amercoat 240 LT)

The Amercoat 240 Series features surface tolerant, direct- to-metal amine epoxies with excellent wetting and edge covering characteristics. Now you have a single product that is able to replace a series of specialized coatings that can be used in a wide range of environmental and application conditions. Amercoat 240 is applied down to 40°F (4°C), and cures down to 32°F (0°C) building up to 12 mils.


Amercoat 240LT is a new formula specifically designed for winter application in cold weather regions, specifically the Great Lakes. Amercoat 240LT can be applied down to 20°F (-6°C), and it cures down to 0°F (-18°C) without additives or alternate curing agents.


Standard epoxies have an edge coverage of approximately 25–30%. Amercoat 240 has a coverage of 75%. Due to this better edge coverage, less stripe coating is required.

AMERCOAT® 240 – Performance Test Data

PPG AMERCOAT 240 / PPG AMERCOAT 240 LT - Performance Test Data