Zinc-rich Epoxy Primer

  • Not prone to dry spray
  • No sanding required if applying prior to topcoating
  • Greater than 80% zinc
  • Fast dry to topcoat
  • Easy field touch-up
  • Cures down to 32°F (0°C)
  • No induction time; can be applied immediately
  • SSPC Paint 20, Type II Level 2
  • RCSC Class B Slip Coefficient for High Strength Bolted Connections
  • Zinc Dust meets ASTM D520 Type 2 standards
  • Unlimited recoatability

AMERCOAT 68HS offers high zinc content for superior corrosion resistance, fast turnaround and easy field touch-up.

PPG's AMERCOAT 68HS is a three-component zinc-rich epoxy primer that provides excellent corrosion protection with a short topcoat window. Amercoat 68HS is ideal for both shop and field applications where fast turnaround is needed. This high zinc content primer is simple for field touch-up on steel coated with organic or inorganic zinc primer. AMERCOAT 68HS can be accelerated for even faster throughput. This product has passed RCSC Class B Slip Coefficient for High Strength Bolted Connections.

Because AMERCOAT 68HS is not prone to dry spray, using it eliminates the need for sanding; therefore reducing or eliminating the costs of labor, materials and downtime necessary to sand prior to over coating.

For example: typical labor costs for sanding:

  • $50 per hour
  • 1,000 square feet (requires 4 hours)
  • = $200 per 1,000 square feet + the cost of required sanding discs.

Reduces Material Cost

The use of AMERCOAT 68HS eliminates the cost of sanding discs and the application of unnecessary additional mils of competitors’ coatings only to be removed by sanding.

No Induction Time

Can be applied immediately after mixing to reduce application time.

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